Louis Vuitton has launched its first perfume range since the founding merger of its parent LVMH (LVMH.PA) in 1987, targeting middle-income shoppers amid a downturn in luxury spending.

The launch is an important step for the French brand as it tries to strike the delicate balance between increasing its number of more affordable goods while retaining its cachet.

Until now, shoppers on more modest incomes have only been catered for by Louis Vuitton's key chains and very small leather goods, costing around 200-300 euros apiece.

But the brand needs to boost sales growth after a sharp slowdown in the past three years, and with little sign of an industry recovery as security fears and geo-political uncertainty hit the tourism flows vital for luxury brands.

The fragrances, called Les Perfumes, feature scents heavily based on flowers with names such as Rose des Vents, Turbulences, Dans La Peau, Apogée, Contre Moi, Matière Noire, and Mille Feux. These are the first perfumes by Louis Vuitton since releasing Je, Tu, Il in 1928. So you can understand the excitement around this 2016 release.

The perfumes are $240 a bottle (that’s around P12,000) and is now exclusively available at Louis Vuitton boutiques according to Allure. The magazine also reports that the scents were made with flowers found in Grasse, considered the perfume capital, in a brand-new laboratory made exclusively for the luxury label.